Timothy Russell


Hyperlocal #12 at Villa Terrace

This Sunday, 2/26/17, Hyperlocal MKE, presents it’s twelfth exploration of spontaneous Music and Movement making at the Villa Terrace in Milwaukee.  


Here we continue our expansion of improvisational impulse to include visual art.  The exhibition currently on show at the Villa Terrace is: Ornate Activate , an examination ofthemes such as inequality stemming from the global economy, loss of language and culture, gender violence, discrimination, segregation, and issues of equality and identity manifested in stunning visual art pieces throughout the space. 

Maria Gillespie (Hyperlocal co-curator) and myself have selected a fantastic group of Movement and Music artist to come into conversation with this exhibit, asking how we can honor and respect the themes presented while providing our own unique perspective on the artwork.     

We have paired off our Musicians and Movers and assigned each a room to react to. Also, there are two roaming Movers who serve to further ornament, connect and recontextualize the work.

I am working with Mover Kayla Flentje (UWM Student) in the Dake room, exploring the following concepts in reaction to the art in our shared space:

Repetition as a form of reinforcement

Using Ornament create a heightened experience of the source

Witness and reflection


Using pattern and repetition to make the mundane beautiful

Proximity and how it relates to power.

Using light and shadow to question what can be seen versus what you want to be seen.

My source of sound for this room is a combination of aluminum and brass bowls of various sizes. I will be using dry brown rice and dry black beans in myriad of ways to actuate and modify the sound of the bowls. Also using yarn mallets when more “pure” sounds are needed.

After our individual room explorations are complete, all artist will convene downstairs for a final full group improvisation.  

I hope you can join us!