Timothy Russell


Back in class

It feels so good to get back in the studio, creating sound environments in the Dance class setting.There is something about just firing up the Ableton dance class template and going for it. It is really great that I really don’t know where it is going to take me. Today it started with sine waves and field recordings, which all then came crashing together with some nice gated distortion. The one particular field recording of me walking in the leaves of a Northern Michigan forrest really lended it self to the destruction, you could almost not tell what was the sounds of leaves and what was the distortion! The template has taken me a couple of years to get it honed in to be an open enough starting point that I can really just get listening and creating.I do check back in with it, every six months or so, to re-evaluate, streamline and modify. There is a couple of things that are going to get changed now and I am extremely excited to spend this intensive time with it so I can keep getting more responsive and fluid with it.

Here is where we are now:





Listening to: Myself walking in a forrest

Fight or Flight

After spending 24hrs in transit, the mind is a little cloudy. Sleeping on a plane is always interesting, but I tell you what, the only upside of having insomnia is that jet lag is not such a big deal. It just feels like another day of limited rest. I am excited to hear the sonic difference of Paris. The trains, cars, bells, and people, I can't wait to walk around with my camera and sound recorder. I am also excited to navigate the language barrier. How can we find ways to communicate with each other? How does it feel to be an outsider? How can I be friendly and respectful without being able to talk? How does it feel to be afraid to talk? How does this change our listening?



Listening to: Taku Sugimoto - Bell




A new process

So, as I sit here in SFO, having just finished a weekend of shows and about to embark on a grand journey (more on this later), it has became apparent that this would also be a great time to start a fresh writing practice.It is my intention to write at least a paragraph a day as a way to become more efficient with collecting my thoughts and putting them onto the “page”.Full disclosure: I’m also putting this out there so Y’all can join in the dialogue, keep me in check, and so I can also learn how to use my website a little better. So here is to learning, grand adventures and new processes!


Cheers and as always: LISTEN.


Listening to:Sofia Gubaidulina - String Quartet No. 1