Timothy Russell


20 questions for today

Listening to: Jacob Kirkegaard - 4 Rooms  

  1. Why am I seemingly drawn to so many different things?
  2. Is it ok to have so many interests?
  3. How do these interests feed each other?
  4. Symbiosis? 
  5. How do you identify distraction?
  6. Can distraction be a strength?
  7. Where should I focus?
  8. How can you let go of envy when you see others succeeding at things perhaps just outside your practice? 
  9. What is my practice? 
  10. What defines my work?
  11. Does your work need a definition?
  12. How to define practice?
  13. How to define performance?
  14. What is the difference between practice and performance?
  15. How to create a composition/performance that integrates/requires a practice?
  16. Why create?
  17. What to create?
  18. What is your lineage?
  19. Has everything been done?
  20. Can you do everything?