Timothy Russell


A thought on Why?

Most of my meditations and stray thoughts lately have been directed at coming to terms with why I create.  What drives my processes? Are there any unifying factors? I feel that figuring this out, even if it is an ever changing entity, will help bring a greater focus and intention to my work. I am not quite sure why I need this or how it will serve me, but we will keep on digging to find this out. One thing that seems to make sense right now is that I want people, including myself, to consider multiple perspectives/possibilites of our reality.  Through this, I hope to empower the individual. As they they come into contact with  perspectives/possibilites beyond their own, they might then consider/reconsider what their ideas are. I am not excluded from this by any means. I am extremely excited when my own perspectives are altered. So perhaps this might be a somewhat selfish endeavor, to impose these wishes on others.   This leads us to another potential desired outcome:  Fostering a greater sense of empathy.  You know, that be a better person/make the world a better place stuff.  



Listening to: Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg - Je T'aime,...Moi Non Plus